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    Defiant Server Rules

    • No Hacking or use of Cracked Clients or Macros of any kind. The use of clients, macros, programs, or resource packs that give the player an unfair advantage over other players will result in a permanent ban. This also includes threats of DDoSing, DoSing, Doxing, Swatting, and releasing other players personal information. The previous punishment still applies.


    • No Advertising. No advertising any link or reference to another server, pornographic images or sites, or personal youtube/twitch accounts. If you would like to advertise your personal youtube/twitch account, you may post links pertaining to your videos/streams on the Promotion channel on our discord. The content of streams must be related to the Defiant server. First offense is a Warning, Second offense is a 3 day mute, and Third offense is a 7 day temp ban. Fourth offense is a permanent ban. Spam advertising will result in a warning and if it continues will result in a permanent ban.


    • Language Etiquette. The use of racist, sexual or any other derogatory comments are unwelcome here. This server is for all ages and the Defiant Staff want to keep the server welcoming to all players. Keep it PG-13. First offense is a warning, Second offense is a 6 hour temp mute, Third offense is a perm mute, and if one appeals and has a Fourth offense. Then said person will be given a 1 month ban.


    • Respect Players and Staff. The staff are volunteers and are here to keep the server running smoothly. They will not ignore rule breakers and are not here to abuse. If you choose to disrespect or disregard them you risk the chance to be punished. If you have a problem with a staff member, talk to an admin explaining why you have a problem with said staff member and the matter will be dealt with. Do not go ranting about it on the forums or in the chat.


    • Selling in game items/IGN’s for paypal or other game items. Players can not sell in game items or their minecraft account on the server for any form of real currency or for any other game modes items. If one is found do such acts, they will be perm banned.


    • In Real Life Money Scamming/Chargebacks. In Real Life Money Scamming in which someone promises to purchase a server store item in return for favors in game will result in a ban. Scamming someone out of IRL Money is a perm ban. Once an account has chargedback, that account will be immediately banned. If you have an issue with your purchase then please contact one of the staff members and they will direct you to someone who can help.


    • Bypassing Punishments. If you choose to attempt to bypass the mute you will receive a 7 day temp ban. If you attempt to bypass a ban then you will be ip banned.


    • No Inappropriate IGN’s or Skins. If you have anything contained or referenced toward something that would break any previous rule in your IGN or skin then you will be banned until you change the skin or IGN and submit an appeal here.
    If you believe you were unfairly punished submit an appeal here.
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